About us

Mikrohuta was founded in 1973 and from the beginning its specializes in the production of stainless steel and nickel alloys.

Is a leader on the Polish market among producer of drawn products. In order to maintain the role of a leading producer and for the greater satisfaction of our clients, a broad investment program has been implemented that allows us to significantly increase the quality of our products.

A wide range of dimensions includes, Mikrohuty products used in many different production sectors, i.e.: grids and machines, cold processing, welding, construction and furniture, automotive, medical, agri-food and textile industries.

Modernization of heat treatment consisting in eliminating ammonia and replacing it with hydrogen and nitrogen enables the use of high quality products and a positive impact on the surrounding natural environment.

Mikrohuta has guaranteed deliveries of high-quality base material in terms of equipment and competent service is able to meet all quality expectations and customer terminals.