About us

Mikrohuta was founded in 1973 and from the very beginning has been specialized in the production of stainless steel and nickel alloys.

As a company of the Valbruna Group, it is the leader on the Polish market among producer of drawn products. To maintain our role as a leading manufacturer, and to ensure greater satisfaction of our customers, an extensive investment program has been implemented that allows us to significantly improve the quality of our products.

The wide range of dimensions means that Mikrohuta's products are used in many different industrial sectors, such as: grids, nets and sieves, cold processing, welding, construction and the furniture, automotive, medical, agri-food and textile industries.

Modernization of heat treatment consisting in eliminating ammonia and replacing it with hydrogen and nitrogen enables the use of high quality products and a positive impact on the surrounding natural environment.

Mikrohuta guarantees the supply of high-quality base material in terms of equipment, and competent service is able to meet all quality and lead time  expectations of customers.